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Utbildning i stresshantering

Lär dig stresshantera dig själv - och andra!

Lars-Eric Uneståhl har designat en utbildning till Certifierad Stressolog med mental träning, mindfulness och coaching som grund. Han har ända sedan han startade Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan 1990 varit noga med att skilja på kunskap – redovisat vetande, och kompetens – hur man klarar av de livssituationer man möter. Kunskap blir till kompetens genom Praktik, Övning, Träning och Tillämpning. Han kallar det ”PÖTT”-principen, där mental träning har en huvudroll.

Lära dig stresshantera dig själv – och andra 27 mars
Certifierad Stressolog 26 maj

Datum kommer inom kort

Mental Training

The on-line training - Unestahl Mental Training – UMT©

UMT® is a competence and life-quality improving online education for all regardless of background, occupation or position and where you decide your own start day and study rate.

Training consists of 4 parts á 25 IU (7, 5 p), where each module contains of DVD lessons, literature, tests, exercises and training programs. The titles are:

  • Basic Mental Training,
  • Self and Goal image Training
  • Mental strength Training
  • Life-quality Training


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The ICC - International Coaching Certification Training

Become certified as an International Coach through International Coaching Community. The Lambent training (level I) is accredited by the EMCC (EQA). The coaching program provides three levels of training:

Level I – International Coaching Certification Training (EMCC – EQA accredited)
This training is a minimum of 60 hours training, contact time spread over four months. Successful participants receive the ICC certificate as International coach and are eligible for level two training.

Level II – is the specialist level – Coaching for Leaders, Business-, Team- and Life coaching
These courses are open for all professional coaches. For those coaches who didn’t take ICC level I training, there may be a leveling work before starting the training.

Successful certification in Business- + Teamcoaching make a certification in Corporate Coaching.

Level III – Master coach level
In order to graduate to Master coach level, a coach has to successfully complete levels one, two and three. There are no extra training hours for this certification, but they will need to have at least ten hours coaching with a mentor coach, who will be an ICC trainer.

More information about the courses please contact Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan at:

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