Excellence Trainer

Newsletter from Scandinavian International University – July 2017

From July 2017 there will be a newsletter coming out every month, shorter in content but now more often. It has also a new name: “Excellence Trainer”. Here is the background to the new name.

Mental Training and Excellence
When Uneståhl organized the WorldCongress in Sport Psychology in Copenhagen 1985 he made a proposal to divide ISSP – the International Society for Sport Psychology – into a more theoretical and a more applied part – in the same way as in USA where NASPA (North American Sport Psychology Association) became the theoretical Society and AAASP (American Alliance for Applied Sport Psychology) the applied part.

Formed 1989
It took 4 years to decide but after the ISSP congress in Singapore 1989 an applied society was formed with the name: International Society for Mental Training and Excellence. Even if focus was on Sport it was decided that the society should have 4 applied areas:

  1. Sport and Performing Arts
  2. Business and Public Administration
  3. School and Education
  4. Health and Wellbeing

World Congresses
It was also decided to have a world congress every four years between the ISSP congresses.

The first congress was held at Örebro University, Sweden 1991, the second at Ottawa University, Canada 1995, third at University of Utah in Salt Lake City 1999 and the fourth at Lesgaft University in St Petersburg 2003.

The next was supposed to be at the National University in Malaysia 2007 but for several reasons it was postponed to 2008 with Beijing as the congress place. At the same time the name of the Congress was changed to World Congress on Excellence.

Excellence became the common concept for the Congress with subconferences about various “Roads to Excellence”, like Mental Training, Mindfulness, NLP, Coaching, Developmental Hypnosis, “Asian methods like Yoga, Tái chi, Qi Gong, etc.

The Congresses in Pristina university, Kosovo 2011 and in Chandigarh university in India 2015 has had the same name “World Congress on Excellence”. So also the next congress at Gävle University in Sweden 2019 (Preregister at www.wcecongress.com)

The Excellence Concept
The name of the society and the name of the world congresses has created a large interest for Excellence as a vision, as a goal and for a new model of Change (The Excellence model).

It has also stimulated work to define Excellence for various areas like Brain Excellence, Mind Excellence, Muscular Excellence, Recovery Excellence, Sleep Excellence, Immunity Excellence and many more and to work out ways to reach Excellence in these areas.

In future newsletter we will give more examples from this work.

CET- Center of Excellence Training
SIU has been a leader in the development of and the application of the term Excellence, which is rather natural as Uneståhl was the founding President of the ISMTE Society.

SIU has for example developed CET – Center of Excellence Training on 3 places around the world, one in Costa Rica (North-South America) one in Thailand (Asia and Australia) and one in Mallorca, Spain (Europe and Africa). SIU organizes regular trainings in these centers, but the centers are also open for SIU members to use.

Remember to register
As SIU is an open university everyone is welcome to become a member. There is no cost and no duties, just advantages, so there is nothing to lose. This also means that you will automatically get the newsletter every month. Next month we will write more about the Excellence concept and also about the courses that SIU will offer (in Swedish and English) during the fall. Until then, have a nice and refreshing holiday, full of recovery.

Lars-Eric Uneståhl / Jan Lundgren