Do You want to change direction in Life?

UMT® Course Presentation

Unestahl Mental Training®

UMT® is a competence and life-quality improving distance education for all regardless of background, occupation or position and where you decide start day and study rate.

Training consists of 4 parts á 25 IU (7, 5 p), where each module contains of DVD lessons, literature, tests, exercises and training programs. The titles are:

  • Basic Mental Training,
  • Self and Goal image Training
  • Mental strength Training
  • Life-quality Training

The UMT® is designed as a one year half-time study program. As a student you can however complete the UMT® in less than one year. UMT® can be completed within six months. The training is planned for 185 days. However, there are advantages to extend the course over a longer period of time. The reason for this is the process to reflect, integrate, allowing knowledge to become skills, etc. If reading at half rate the course takes 1 year, and 2 years on 25% speed.

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