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Ph.D. Lars-Eric Uneståhl

Roads to Life Excellence

Lars-Eric Uneståhl, Ph. D. is the founder of SIU, a private Scandinavian University, specialized in finding, teaching and training ”Roads to Life Excellence”.

Some of the main methods are Mental, Cognitive and Emotional Training, Developmental Hypnosis and Coaching.

Some of the main principles are

  • Differentiating between Knowledge and Skills (Skills = how to handle Life situations)
  • To transfer Knowledge to Life Skills through Applications, Practices and Systematic Training
  • To develop direct ways to Life Skills (unconscious learning)
  • To establish a high positive relation between ”School Success” and ”Life Success”
  • To relate Learning to Life through LEARNING – in/for/from/about/during the whole – LIFE
  • To replace the common reactive, “clinical” model with a proactive, developmental ”Excellence related” model
  • To make ”methods of change” more effective by using alternative states of consciousness

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Unestahl Mental Training

The on-line training - Unestahl Mental Training – UMT©

UMT® is a competence and life-quality improving online education for all regardless of background, occupation or position and where you decide your own start day and study rate.

Training consists of 4 parts á 25 IU (7, 5 p), where each module contains of DVD lessons, literature, tests, exercises and training programs. The titles are:

  • Basic Mental Training,
  • Self and Goal image Training
  • Mental strength Training
  • Life-quality Training

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"Verkligheten är inte vad som händer utan hur vi uppfattar och reagerar på det som händer."

- Lars-Eric Uneståhl -

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