About SIU

SIU is an open University, working mainly with distance learning. SIU is focusing on competence development for the individual, the team and the organization.

SIU works mainly through distance learning, by help of modern technology. The SIU distance course UMT® “Unestahl Mental Training” have so far been translated to the English language.

The main method for change is “Mental Training”, complemented with with principles from Coaching and Cognitive Psychology. The education is based on the five priciples – LEARNING – in/for/from/about/during the whole – LIFE.

Scandinavian International University - SIU

Principles, goal, credits & characteristics of the SIU Process learning and distance education

The SIU 5 principles

  • LEARNING – in/for/from/about/during the whole – LIFE.
  • The SIU Ultimate Goal
  • The development of professional and personal LIFE COMPETENCE
  • The SIU Credits

SIU is a private University, and therefore ”International units (IU)”. IU is related to an international way to evaluate studies. The international rating systems for academic studies based on quantitative assessments. An IU is a day of full-time studies. The Swedish governmental system is adapted to the European (Bologna Agreement).

Characteristics of the SIU process learning and distance education

  • You decide when you want to start.
  • You can study the year around.
  • Education is brought to you (Home University) through text, sound and videos.
  • You decide the speed of your studies.
  • In the video lectures you will meet many of the best experts from the area of mental training.

UMT® ”Unestahl Mental Training” distributes by the company Mental Training Sweden AB

SIU Scientific Board

The Board members of SIU

Richard Gordin Ph.D

Professor at Utah state University, Logan, USA

Terry Orlick Ph.D

Professor at Ottawa University, Canada

Luci Fuscaldi Teixeira-Salmela Ph.D

Professor at University of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Lars-Eric Uneståhl Ph.D

President of SIU, Sweden

David Wark Ph.D

Professor Emeritus at University of Minnesota, USA

Jitendra Mohan Ph.D

Professor Emeritus at Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

Adjunct professors

Alastair Dobbins, M.D., Scotland
Pia Hellertz, Ph.D., Sweden
Benny Johansson, Ph.D., Sweden
Lena Leissner, M.D., Sweden